About Active Health Solutions

Active Health Solutions was started in 2004 by Dr. Mike Fleming, who moved to Alaska with the dream and opportunity to build a practice with a strong focus on patient centered care, advanced myofascial and joint treatment techniques, and active rehabilitation. Our doctors utilize a wide variety of therapeutic techniques to achieve the greatest possible results for their patients.


Active Healing for Active People
Pro-Active Healing for Pro-Active People


Education: We embrace the Greek meaning of the word “Doctor” as teacher, a facilitator of understanding. We invest in our own education and share our knowledge with our patients to help them reach their greatest healing potential.

Value: We believe in a fair exchange of value. We work hard to earn the trust of our patients.

Honesty: We are truthful, upright, and fair in all of our dealings.

Action: Healthy bodies are bodies in motion; we focus on getting our clients into action wherever possible.